Mar. 8th, 2012

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Parishoners, if you are not watching the lovely [ profile] eagle_exchange you really should, there's some absolutely incredible fic being posted daily!  Various genres, various kinks but all of our favourites, I assure you. 

I apologize (once again, jeez, had I not been British I'd be sick of saying I'm sorry by now) for the lateness but I've been so horribly busy with essays and uni work, I've had very little online time available and when I do get it, it's usually so I can read a fic with one eye whilst the other looks at some dire academic paper. To all those I owe a PM to, I shall respond as soon as I can and the Reverend loves you long time, don't you worry!
ALBEIT, my pumkinpies, not all is dull as a dishwasher in the the life of your Reverend, I am proud to announce that Bishop [ profile] lulahbelle is going to do me the honour of joining me for a highland fling this weekend; a whisky-fuelled, fangirling raid of shenanigans. I can hardly wait! 

I'm most PLEASED to greet you for yet another Sunday Service!!!  Especially my new added friends, my new fandom castanets that tap the beat to which my fannish feet must dance! As you can see we are trying once again, to keep ourselves b back on schedule and we hope we shall not make you roll your eyes and tap your feet impatiently in anticipation of another. Hello and welcome to all the faces, those familiar ones and those completely new! Enjoy yourselves, exchange ideas, laugh, love, play and porn.

can you call someone a jizz cock? )


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