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I realise this is a bit like screaming into the void, but I have to ask:

Remember how in Batman v Superman, BAMF Lois Lane is somewhere in "Nairomi, Africa" (WTF?) about to interview some shadowy local general, and is accompanied by Jimmy Olsen (who is supposed to be a Daily Planet photographer). Jimmy Olsen has that styled fake-rugged model look that makes him look like an extra from Alias. And indeed, he turns out to be CIA with a tracker in his camera, uncovered by the general's security. (Poor Lois barely makes it three questions in the interview.) Agent Jimmy tries to broker a deal with the general on behalf of his agency, and is killed.

This is seen by his superiors/support team (via heat vision cameras), who refer to Jimmy as 'Talon'.

Codenames are all nice and good, and I thought no further until I read a couple Batman fanfics about the Court of Owls, which is apparently this secret society with hands in many pies intent on world domination. (Not to be confused with League of Assassins, which is another Batman-related secret society. League of Assassins was in Nolan's Batman and had Marion Cotillard.) Court of Owls hasn't been anywhere I noticed? Except -

- except this Court of Owls has these hordes of brainwashed / zombie-like / reanimated replaceable agents or dispatch assassins (IDEK?) who are called 'Talons'. And now I'm thinking, was that an Easter egg or something. Was this supposed to mean that in DCEU, Court of Owls has infiltrated agencies. Or that Jimmy Olsen is going to come back as an undead assassin.

See, I'd say this is weird, but on the other hand, Brubaker had teenage Bucky Barnes shed the booty shorts and come back from the dead with a metal arm and Soviet technomagic hitmanship on his CV, so how do we measure weird? Is bumbling happy-go-lucky Jimmy turned into an extra from Alias turned into a Talon of the Court of Owls 'weird' or... 'comic-book logical'?

EDIT: I stand corrected, Wikipedia informs me that in Superman: Red Son by Mark Millar (who else?), Jimmy Olsen is an agent of the CIA who eventually becomes the director. Moreover, he joins Dr. Lex Luthor in his Presidential bid and becomes Vice President. So I guess yes, magically reanimated Jimmy Olsen + Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor = supervillains forever in future franchise movies?

Thoughts? Links? Fic recs?
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I really enjoyed putting together the Multilingual Mix for Hannibal, with fanvids in different languages, and so I thought to do the same for Steve/Bucky or Marvel as a whole. The corpus is huge, I thought. I have watched hundreds of Steve/Bucky vids. Surely I'll find something, remember something. The concept was to have one vid per language. And to my surprise, I couldn't find as many as I thought. Compared to the Hannibal cornucopia, the Marvel corner experiences scarcity of the English-centric variety. There is intrumental, and I put the Vivaldi one here because it's cool, but it cannot be actually classified as fanvid in Italian, right? So, new plan.
If you know a Steve/Bucky or Marvel fanvid set to a song in a language not listed below, please comment.

Muddy Waters by SecretlyToDream (English)
Enfants de la Patrie (1998) | Children of the Homeland (1998) by CaitlinKuehn (French)
Обійми | Embrace by LuvyshkaNeo (Ukrainian)
Я приду к тебе на помощь | I shall come to your aid by DochZmei (Russian)
Ser o parecer | To be or to seem by miguel (Spanish)
Winter by xemsonx (Instrumental: Antonio Vivaldi)

Seriously, where is German? Japanese? Some good old-fashioned Latin? Variety is the spice of life!


Jul. 21st, 2017 04:50 pm
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I have finally checked out INHUMANS and wow, that really is some "Game of Thrones does Star Trek" aesthetic. They even have Ramsey Bolton as the evil opposition brother.

The lawful king brother is basically Mr Reese from Person of Interest with magic murder voice. He runs around city centre in a suit and has a dog. (The dog is a gigantic teleporter which is an upgrade from POI, but still. Totally Mr Reese.) The sister - Medusa - is basically the only character I know. Apparently, she has a lot of sentient red hair and political problems negotiating agendas of different parties (all in the family). The sister with even more fashion-forward hair (striped colour application like something from a hairdressing trend show circa 2010) is probably Crystal who is married to Quicksilver in comics. (IDEK what they'll do now that Joss Whedon has jossed that in Ultron. Grrrr.)

What can I say, royal politics never get old, let's see how much IMAX Shakespeare this injects into Marvel Netflix/MCU. Rag'n'Bone man track Human is nice here, mirroring the plot about Inhumans being originally from Earth and intending to come back. Not invested in this at all, but I support Medusa and her hair.

VID POST: DC Catwoman

Jul. 20th, 2017 09:21 pm
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A purrfect selection of Catwoman tributes - 50% live action, 50% animation. 100% cat.

Something Wild by AndrewShearer (Julie Newmar, Adam West Batman)
What's New, Pussycat? by klassicalmuzik (Eartha Kitt, Adam West Batman)
She's Always a Woman by DamianOswald (Michelle Pfeiffer, Tim Burton Batman)
Close to You by gss42x (Anne Hathaway, Christopher Nolan Batman)
Go For Their Eyes by Basia3597 (Camren Bicondova, Gotham)
Who's In Control by MariusSvensen (Halle Berry, Catwoman)
If I Have to Fall Then It Won't Be in Your Line by SanctuaryMyst (Batman Telltale)
Guaranteed I Can Blow Your Mind by SanctuaryMyst (Batman Telltale)
Who Wants to Sleep in a City That Never Wakes Up by SanctuaryMyst (Batman Telltale)
Is This Love? by shakeluver4 (DC Animated)
Killer Queen by JessieH (DC Animated)
She's Always a Woman to Me by glitterz (DC Animated)

DC DC vids (misc), DC vids (TV & EU), Wonder Woman (DCEU), Batman (DCEU), Supergirl (TV), Arrow (TV), Justice League & Suicide Squad (DCEU), Justice League (DCEU), White Canary & Black Siren (Arrow), Female Characters (Arrow), Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow (DC CW TV), Gotham (TV), DC Superheroes 1966-2016 (TV), DC Animated Series, Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor (DCEU), Wonder Woman (DCEU), Preacher, Lucifer, Constantine

REC POST: NBC Hannibal

Jul. 19th, 2017 11:40 pm

Wonder Woman Love

Jul. 18th, 2017 11:00 pm
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My thoughts on Wonder Woman, for posterity: I thought it was LOVELY and the director & screenplay writer SHOULD BE VERY PROUD. It is now my favourite superhero comics film.

([personal profile] vaysh11, comparing to Captain America: Winter Soldier, I'm not sure comparisons can be made because they are apples and oranges, when it comes to the story & filmy stuff, they are only linked by the whole metahuman/demigod dimension. While I love the Pakula vibe and the total control thriller thing CA:WS does, I thought WW was on top of the game in terms of its story & structure, and photography/CGI, and concept. And I LIKE and LOVE WW better.)

Things that I pay attention to and thought were very well done: lighting, photography, fight choreography. I cannot believe nobody spoiled me for the fact that spoiler ) Loved all the Amazons, their settlement aesthetic, routine, Florence Kasumba as senator, Doutzen Kroes as high-ranking amazon-in-waiting to Diana's mum, I guess, Diana's mum as amazing queen, everything. The gaze and the POV were great throughout, I felt involved and never sidelined (as a woman). The diverse, international team - very good, very good lines establishing characters, very good visuals, very solid, that was what I kept wanting and I got it. The John Buchan-style military shenanigans. The no man's land sequence - thank you, Patty Jenkins, for fighting to keep it, very moving, I began to cry when Diana started climbing the ladder.

Chris Pine (once accompanied by almost-lens-flare) as Steve who does such typically male-gaze-on-woman things like frolic in a bath naked. But also spoiler ) and spoiler ), all in all, great.

I also loved the source of Diana's power bit, where spoiler ); I also liked the bit about Ares spoiler ), the entire Ares plot arc had a solid mythological vibe. Diana's character growth was lovely.

The framing device used, the whole trip down memory lane, was very neat and beautiful. Nothing here looked dumb, even when it was something tried & true / done a hundred times before. Because it was done cohesively & coherently. Very much appreciated.

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Finally decided to post a fic from 2012, because it's a nice one.

Title: Copy [on AO3]
Fandom: X-Men (Alternate Timeline Movies)
Relationship: Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto)/Charles Xavier (Professor X)
Story notes: Alternate Universe, Robots & Androids, Suspense, Resurrection, Unreliable Narrator, Artificial Intelligence, Pygmalion, Memory Loss, Robot/Human Relationships, Self-Harm, Deception, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Summary: Charles wakes up without his memory. His sole caretaker, Erik, claims to be his husband, and tells him he's recovering from a car accident on their honeymoon. Slowly falling for Erik again, Charles begins to regain his memories. He starts to notice strange things about his body, Erik, and their secluded mansion.
tl;dr Charles dies, Erik uses technology to bring him back to life, against Charles' will. Over and over and over.
Notes: Ancient meme fill. Basically a Hitchock-style hermetic thriller with A.I. & robots.

REC POST: Everybody loves Batman

Jul. 16th, 2017 02:00 am
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That's it. Bruce Wayne and miscellaneous Gothamites, associates, Gotham city sirens, Justice League co-workers...

Go Your Own Way by tkp (lettered) (Jim Gordon/Bruce Wayne: Gordon takes Wayne around to diners with sticky tables where they serve shitty coffee, and to his postage stamp apartment with its single spring bed, and Wayne wears Gordon's cheap t-shirts and sweats and worn out boxers, and Gordon makes eggs and eats noodles out of a pan, and goes for jogs in ratty sneakers to pick up cheap cigarettes and Wayne can't get the smell out of his $5,000 suit for a week. Oh, and it turns Bruce on.)
Two For Flinching by FabulaRasa (Jim Gordon/Bruce Wayne: Jim Gordon thinks he knows everything there is to know about the Batman. Finding out he was wrong teaches him everything he needed to know about Jim Gordon.)
Integrity by thedevilchicken (Alfred Pennyworth/Bruce Wayne: He didn't learn to sew because of Bruce.)
Softer Memories by linndechir (Alfred Pennyworth/Bruce Wayne: Alfred had been watching Bruce go down darker and darker paths over decades. He'd long given up the hope that he could stop him, but the least he could do was to remind Bruce of his own needs every now and then.)
Unmasked by Unpretty (Selina Kyle/Bruce Wayne: Catwoman is Selina Kyle, and Bruce has always known it. Batman is Bruce Wayne, but Selina just found that out. Shockingly, it turns out the dude has issues.)
You Can't Deny (The Facts of Life) by DoreyG (Harley Quinn/Bruce Wayne: It was an accident - or at least that’s what Harley swears later, when asked.)
Kiss by PoisonKisses (Poison Ivy/Bruce Wayne: Batman makes it look easy, because he can't afford to lose himself, or give in.)
Broken by FabulaRasa (Barbara Gordon/Bruce Wayne: Batman is seriously injured, broken and re-made in ways that Barbara alone can understand.)
Trouble by theLiterator (Hal Jordan/Bruce Wayne: Hal sleeps with Bruce Wayne, and then he falls in love with Batman.)
Ends Against the Middle by forthegreatergood (Of all the obstacles Bruce expected when he decided to make a move on Hal, Oliver's attempt to speed things along wasn't one of them.)

More DC BATMAN: Batman (DCEU), Gotham (TV), Superman & Batman (misc) , Superman & Batman: secret identity trope (misc), Superman & Batman (misc), Superman & Batman: Novelty AUs (misc), Superman & Batman: deluxe trope mix (misc), Grayson/Batman, Batman/Green Lantern


Jul. 15th, 2017 12:15 pm
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Enjoy: DC Animated short: Catwoman - CHASE ME

This is just lovely, seriously. Highly recommended. An incredibly cute and zesty cartoon with such treasures as: Catwoman on the prowl! Safe-cracking! Jewel heist! Bruce Wayne frazzled & bedecked with socialites! Sneaking out to dress up as Batman and chase the Cat! Exciting pursuit & passion! Humour! Kisses! Secret identity! Oh la la!
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I remembered this joke in conversation with [personal profile] riventhorn a couple months ago, and it is such a multi-faceted gem I decided to post it here lest I forget again.

In a London club two men sat quietly perusing the Times. After a long silence one took his courage into his hands and struck a conversation.

"You are an officer, I take it?"
"But of course."
"In India?"
"Was your regiment stationed in Calcutta?"
"Yes, indeed."
"Ah, you must be Major Macaulan of the Third Lancers."

Source: Jokes and targets, Indiana University Press, 2011. The joke is referred to as French in origin.


Jul. 13th, 2017 04:45 pm
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So I was following the news on the developments of the DC Cinematic Universe and new characters introduced in upcoming movies, and it was all well and good with Green Lantern corps, and Nightwing, and the director of The LEGO Batman Movie coming to direct something (TLBM was good), and then I heard the WORST possible thing.

JOSS WHEDON set to direct Batgirl AND Justice League.


That's right. It wasn't enough that he dragged his reductionist, dated, imperialist story-telling into MCU (I shall be forever bitter about colonialism and sugar-coated sexism of Age of Ultron, and also his ruining the perfectly decent Tony Stark characterisation from Iron Man solo movies), he is coming in to ruin another franchise that is barely looking up. (Snyder's style is very particular and a deep analysis of his slow burn melodrama can be made, but two things are clear: right now, Whedon's style is worse, and Snyder's and Whedon's styles won't match. It will be an intertextual disaster.)

Batgirl, which could be so solid and impressive going by the Babs Tarr comics, under female writer-director leadership, is 100% going to be ruined. Look at Whedon's track record. His penchant for victimisation, infantilisation, trauma as characterisation, and general inability to grow up as a writer in regards to semiotic and feminist critique is going to destroy what might be a culturally relevant movie.

NO, nobody needs JL to look like the Avengers movie. The Avengers movie barely made it in the first place, and after its realease it was clear it's coming to the cultural momentum 15 min late with Starbucks. Age of Ultron was AWFUL and not in the ways the auteur (Whedon) understood in any way.

If there are DC interns doing data aggregation who are reading this: have a virtual cupcake from me and yes please, do include this feedback in your report.

Get Kathryn Ann Bigelow to direct JL, dammit. Where is the executive vision here. Why not invite Meera Nair or Amma Asante for Batgirl.

Vintage Batman prompt note

Jul. 12th, 2017 12:00 am
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Danny is never seen or mentioned again. )

Note to self: prompt some Danny on a Vespa fic somewhere. Who is Danny? Danny appearing like deus ex machina in the midst of Batfamily trouble. Someone finally remembers Danny. Someone finally checks up on Danny. Danny checks up on them. Is Danny a self-made tycoon out to get Bruce Wayne out of lingering resentment - because Batman had forgotten him after all? Is Danny in trouble? Is Danny a superhero from another city? Turns out that Robin, now Nightwing, actually hangs out with Danny. Danny returns, as a supervillain. Danny becomes the new Gotham police commissioner after Jim retires. Danny has actually been a bat or a bird all along and some villainous psychotropic gas has wiped him out of everyone's memory. Someone finally remembers Danny. Who the heck was this guy, really.


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