Mar. 25th, 2012

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GUMMY BEARS, CABBAGE PATCH KIDS, SUGARCUBES,  Flock, congregation, my firm believers.
Your ever faithful Reverends would like to humbly grovel for your forgiveness yet again, as this most modest and unconvinced of her own awesomeness Reverend has been so incredibly busy for the past weeks she has had hardly any time to attend to hers and yours spiritual and porny needs. She has slaved away, not by the beds of sexy Centurions, but over essays and she  is so happy that she can return to youse even if briefly.

Awright, writing about myself in the third person is kind of fucking weird, so I'll stop. 
FLOCK, I miss you. I've been pretty much MIA because of either wonderful, beautiful and gorgeous guests like your faithful Bishop [ profile] lulahbelle or trying to finish dissertation proposals and class projects and freaking out over placements like a little bitch. It does my heid in cause this is like a fucking fiesta in this fandom, with [ profile] eagle_exchange and [ profile] eagle_bigbang, I haven't even had the time to catch up with all the masterpieces and yet they keep popping out like flowers in the midst of spring. Very fitting too! 

My lovely little raindrops of last days of March, I'd love to present to you  yet another Sunday Service, I have glimpsed so many new faces recently so I cannot but hope and see them during our porny masses. Kick back, relax and enjoy the show, the service and the ceremony. Porn with thy neighbour, for that is the will of the gods of m/m erotica! 

that sound? that was me, *chewing* the bed )


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